Thursday, January 21, 2021

AUDIOBOOK - Walking for Peace, an inner journey

Today, I begin reading our book WALKING FOR PEACE, AN INNER JOURNEY.

Chapter by chapter I will read, and post it all in the YouTube folder (below). Here is the Introduction and Prologue.

There is a power in speaking words out loud, in speaking the stories rather than simply reading them.

I hope you will take this journey with me, and enjoy these stories.

All my best,


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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

The Call for Faith - my presentation at Unity


I was a guest speaker at Unity Spiritual Centre Ottawa (online), where I was asked to share a few thoughts on FAITH.

This is the video of that talk, with SPANISH SUBTITLES!

As I listened to the words again, I realized that it is precisely WITH FAITH that we are called to look upon the world... not the faith of what our eyes show us, but the Faith of what is beyond this world, of what is in our hearts, what is eternal, what is forgiven, what is Truth, what is Love. It is the call to go there, to let go of the shore of what we think we know, and to rest in all that is Love and where all in answered.

One of the most touching messages was a channeling that came as I was preparing this talk:

“God (Creator, Father, Mother, Source) never says,

I’ve lost faith in you.

The message is always, 

I have faith in you. You are my beloved child.

Give ME all your fears and worries, and let ME give you Peace. Let ME give you Courage. Let ME give you clarity, a new way of looking at things.

Give ME your guilt at not being able to do this.

Give ME your shame at not feeling worthy of so much love, especially when you feel you have failed ME or betrayed ME. For you can never do that.

Your deepest fear is that I – God – will no longer love you if I saw what resides in the dark recesses of your heart: your anger, your insecurities, your thoughts of revenge, your jealousies, your pettiness… Give ME those especially. Let ME free you from these chains you’ve placed around your heart and mind.

I am always with you. Lean on ME. Rest in ME. You are safe with ME, not in this physical world or your thoughts of it.

God’s Faith in you is everlasting.

Now are you invited to renew your Faith in The One who will never fail you."

May these words bring you comfort.

The ever-gracious Brenda Mason introduces me. I am thankful not only for her words, but for the warmth and openness with which I am always received in this welcoming spiritual community.

Please feel free to share this video, if you are called to do so.

With love, always 🙏💕


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Friday, January 8, 2021

Holding Space


Mony Dojeiji

To me, it is the knowing that there is nothing happening in my world that is separate from me.

Not one thing.

This is the meaning of Oneness. Of we are one.

So if in my world there is pain in any form, mine is to bring it Home.

Mine is to align with Love and, together with Love, look with courage upon all that I would rather look away from, and bring it in to be healed.

Because there is nothing that Love cannot transform. 

In the Love that I know to be God, I anchor... and bring it ALL in.

God knows what to do with it.

And in the Peace that settles upon my heart, Love can write its Truth and speak to me of what is mine to do.

This is my spiritual practice.

Each and every one of us who walks the path of Love can do this.

As always, let it begin with me. 🙏💕


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Clarion Call

This is a clarion call to all who walk the path of the heart:







This is what is ours to do. But we are not alone in this task.

Bring your rage to The One who can transform it to Peace, and use you to extend Peace.

Bring your fear, anxiety, worry to The One who can relieve you of this pain and give you the courage to act with Wisdom.

Bring all that stands between you and your brother, so that you may see with clarity and True Vision the path that together we embark upon.

Let us practice all that we know standing boldly in the Love that we are, and unabashedly BEING the Light this moment calls for.

Let it begin with me 🙏🏽💕


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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Inner Meaning of the The Magi

Mony Dojeiji

The Wise Men (or Magi) are coming tomorrow, January 6, heralding for many children around the world the joy and excitement of receiving their gifts.

In Christian tradition, this day is the Epiphany, the day that Divinity revealed itself to man in the form of Jesus. It is the Twelfth Night, officially ending Christmas festivities which began on December 25. Others observe this day as the baptism of Jesus in the River Jordan by John the Baptist.

What most intrigues me on this day, however, is not merely the outer manifestations and celebrations, but the deeper, inner message this time reveals.

The Light is with us – within us – always. There is not a moment that this Light is ever extinguished. This is the Innocence, the Purity, the Divinity that is housed in “darkness” of the flesh, our bodies, our material thoughts and inclinations. The winter months symbolically represent this heaviness or darkness, appearing to be diminishing and eclipsing the Light until…a day arrives, a Winter Solstice, heralding the end of darkness and the days of ever more brilliant Light.

This Light is not of the Earth, just as it is not of the body.

This Light is a beacon, just as the Star that the Wise Men followed is a beacon.

It beckons all to witness Its grandeur. Its simplicity. Its perfection. Its majesty.

Wisdom knows to bow before this.

The Magi – representing this Universal Wisdom – travel in faith, their arrival predestined, no matter how long their journey. The Star, ever-brilliant, guides them to the humble altar before which they will kneel, and offer their gifts of:

Gold. The most valuable element. Pure, warm, soft, pliable and enduring. Symbolizing royalty, love and loving union. The promise to love this Light Eternal and place no others before It.

Frankincense. An aromatic resin used as incense, and in sacred oils and perfumes. As it burns, its smoke rises like a prayer to the heavens. Air represents the mind, ready to be purified of its material nature so that it may rise to its Divine nature. A mind devoted to Spiritual Truth, and to pursuing and living that truth.

Myrrh. Also a resin, used for embalming. An Arabic word meaning bitter, and the life trials that often seem too bitter to swallow. With Myrrh, they bring the gift of their commitment to serve – no matter the hardships – and to lead with love.

With these gifts, the Magi (the Universal Wisdom) offer their hearts, minds and bodies in service to the Light Eternal.

This too is our journey. The Soul’s journey Home. The Light sending out its call for us to return, marking the way clear. Our way is assured, no matter how long we may take. We come with treasures – our joy, our love, our brotherhood – but also with sorrows. We leave them all in reverence before The One who can take them, and in whose Radiance our own can also shine.

These are the true gifts that we are bringing on this sacred day.

Happy Day of the Magi. 👑👑👑

Love, always. 🙏💖


P.S. this is the Nativity we have in our home, bought in Jerusalem's Old City, at the end of our pilgrimage there.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

CHANNELINGS - as Spoken Words


Mony Dojeiji

Dear friends,

I have uploaded to both Soundcloud and iTunes the 24 selected channelings that I recorded, for your listening pleasure.

Search for my name in Tunes Podcasts.

On Soundcloud:

Happy listening, and thank you for all your kind words and messages about these channelings!

Love, always 🙏💖 


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CHANNELINGS - a Christmas Eve Blessing

 For this final channeling in the Advent series, I decided to turn the camera on and speak to you directly the beautiful message I scribed on another Christmas Eve, many years ago: ✨🙏✨

“Blessed is the child of God born anew on this night, in the heart of darkness, bridging worlds of Light into ever-greater versions of Itself.

Light equals Love.

And Love is all that exists.

The Light that is Love is YOU.

And this moment is made sacred by the Breath that fuels this Light.

Light adding to Light.

Love adding to Love.

An infinite circle, ever expanding.

This is the Light we celebrate with you, joyously proclaiming,

“The Christ is here, born yet again inside of me, in the hallows of my temple, in the humble nakedness of my Soul.

The King is once again on His throne.

All praise the King.

All praise the Glory and the Grace.

For it is Life Eternal that is granted the One who submits to the King of his Inner Kingdom and allows Love to reign supreme in every element of her life.

And so it is.”

May the Light be your eternal guide."

Merry Christmas to you all 💖✨💖


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