Thursday, July 22, 2021

Mary Magdalene - a channeled message

Today is the Feast Day of Mary Magdalene.

She came to me in one of my channelings several years ago, an energy that was at once confident yet yielding, in full power yet fully surrendered. She delivered this message, at a moment when I was learning to yield to the Feminine.

Here is an excerpt from my book CHANNELINGS:

"Today, I somehow know that Mary Magdalene was a Master in her own right who chose to use her Mastery to support Jesus-Yeshua, her beloved, in his more public role, knowing that she will continue this work of bringing the consciousness of Love to the masses after he was gone.

The masculine and feminine were just as fully developed in her as they were in him, and each used their powers uniquely. The Christ was fully manifest in her and, from her knowledge of the Great Mysteries, she supported and nourished Jesus-Yeshua in ways no one else understood. She knew full well what he needed to keep the Christ energies paramount in and around them.

She was an equal, choosing what appeared to be a secondary role, but that was in reality supporting the bigger work that both had come to anchor. And when the time came, she continued the work here in the physical realm with, undoubtedly, the support of Jesus-Yeshua from realms invisible to others…but not to her.

Al was perfectly ordained and executed; and Mary played her part, bringing the teaching of Love far and wide, continuing the movement of these energies forward.

I don’t know how I know this, but I do.

What a great Master, Healer and Teacher you are, Mary of the Majdal. I finally understand, and I love you.

'No victims here. No villains either. Perfection, only.

As prepared. As continued.

Teachings awakened in the heart.

Teachings eternal, that I carried in my heart, that I passed along to my students/friends/companions/workers of the heart;

My brothers and sisters of the Stars;

My fellow explorers and lovers of the One God we all serve willingly, openly, freely and with hearts wide open;

Open to God;

Open to the world;

Drinking from the Eternal Fountain;

Spilling it forth unto the world.

No victims. No villains. Only perfection.

Ever perfection. Ever onwards.

Stay in this consciousness, and all flows and unfolds before you, as you and we together have ordained.

And so are you ever-blessed, my sister, my student, my friend.

Ever onwards, in Love, for Love.

And so it is ordained.' "

With love, πŸ™πŸ’–


* * *

You can order a copy of my book CHANNELINGS (by Mony Dojeiji) from the Amazon in your country.

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Monday, July 19, 2021

Why we are Afraid to Surrender, Forgive and Love


Mony Dojeiji

I do a great deal of personal writing, much of it my way of working through whatever comes up for healing. I don’t share all my inner work but, in this case, I felt nudged to do so. Love is always nudging 😊, wanting only to offer Its healing and peace to all. So, I am following Its call.

I was reflecting on ideas I was taught (with all the love and best intentions in the world): that I’m too trusting and too nice; that I need to be less naΓ―ve to survive in this world; that being kind and generous only gets you abused. The difficult experiences of my life – especially those around betrayal and trust – proved those ideas true and led me to over the years to harden my heart and dismiss the notion of ever forgiving the perpetrators of those acts. 

I was sitting with Spirit, looking at the residual guilt, shame, rage, blame and thoughts of victimhood. I felt my resistance, my unwillingness to let go of the belief that I am innocent and they are guilty. My mind kept replaying all the scenarios to justify my holding on to the anger, while Spirit patiently waited for me to loosen my grip.

At the same time I was going through this process, news came of the 67 Palestinian and 2 Israeli children killed in air attacks. A week later, the remains of 215 children were found on the grounds of a residential school in British Columbia (Canada). Then came the attack on a Muslim family out for an evening stroll that left only the child alive; followed by the discovery of another 751 unmarked graves, and now more, bringing the total to about 1500 children so far. 

It’s intense emotionally. It takes everything to stay anchored in Love and not to attack, condemn and judge.

It’s especially hard because there is something primal that’s triggered within us when we hear of children being abused, killed or harmed in any way. It is an attack on innocence and purity itself that our minds can make no sense of and that no explanation can bring our hearts any measure of peace.

It seemed odd to me that children dominated the news. I began to wonder if there was a connection between what was happening within me and what was showing up before me.

It turns out there was.

So, into the circle of all-enfolding Love I now enter, and invite you to come with me if you so feel called; to lay aside for a moment the anger and grief, all that we think we know about who we are, what’s happening, what we should do, why we’re here…and consider for a moment another way of looking at this situation that may bring us all some peace.

Let Love lead the way. 

Let healing begin with me.

If I accept that I am the source of what is happening in my world, then I must take responsibility for what I am seeing.

If I can’t do that – or even consider the possibility – then I must fear that doing so means opening a Pandora’s Box that jeopardizes the very foundations of my belief system. If I fear looking, then perhaps my foundations aren’t as strong as I’d like to believe. Perhaps it is here indeed that I need to take a closer look.

In the case of residential schools, we see the calls demanding justice, seeking punishment for the guilty, having them pay for what they have done. I so understand, and honour and respect the desire to have the pain finally being seen so that healing can begin. 

I appreciate the outer action…

But does the IDEA that somehow justified all these actions disappear? 

Of course not.

It’s in the collective consciousness, of which I am a part. 

If one person has this idea, we all have it.

It may take different forms, but the central IDEA remains the same:

We are different, and separate.

I can do whatever I want to you because I am more X than you, and you are less X than me. My way is best. I know best. You know nothing. In fact, you are nothing. 

This is an IDEA that feeds separation. The good news is that all ideas can be changed. That’s why all minds can be changed. Nothing is fixed. Nothing is immutable.

Except Love. It is the only truth.

That’s why it can begin with me, in my own mind, in my own heart. Whatever I’m willing to challenge and heal within my own mind and heart will be healed in the collective. 

Because the truth is we are One.

This IDEA that we are separate wants to keep me (the “innocent” victim) condemning the “guilty” perpetrator. It insists that I cannot be loving to all. I cannot be kind. I cannot forgive acts that are unforgiveable. I cannot speak of love, or of a Creator who loves all equally. I cannot speak of the truth of our spiritual nature. I cannot go in peace without taking sides. I cannot be a friend to all. I cannot see the light and beauty and grace in all. I cannot speak of unity and brotherhood… 

Because to do so only gets you killed.

This IDEA now brings me proof and witnesses of all kind to demonstrate just how real and how right *it* is:

Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Yitzhak Rabin, John Lennon, most of the disciples of Jesus… and, of course, Jesus himself, the Prince of Peace.

And now, the children. The ultimate symbols of innocence.

All of them witnesses to keep me anchored in separation, in attack, in judgment, in condemnation and the IDEA that:

Being innocent and loving only gets you killed; and 

Those who abuse will do whatever it takes to maintain their power.

The remedy *it* proposes? 

Be tough. Defend yourself. Attack them before they attack you. Never forget what they did. Never forgive them. Be angry. Be vengeful. Look out for yourself and your own interests. Be strong so that they can never hurt you. Build more walls. Definitely harden your heart, and don’t believe anything that speaks of love or forgiveness because love only gets you killed and forgiveness is for the weak.

Any adult who has witnessed or suffered abuse can see these being the response of the wounded child; which is why these stories with children are so triggering.

This is why we are afraid to open our hearts.

We have ideas and beliefs that have morphed into traumas and fears that show us the consequences of being innocent or loving.

And the world is showing us example after example of exactly what we believe.

So, yes, by all means, with as much love, compassion and forgiveness as we can muster, let us address the outer situation with the residential schools;

But to truly heal – to truly be free – let us also have the courage to look WITHIN to the source of all these experiences.

This is perhaps the hardest part of the work; to accept that with my (often subconscious) beliefs and fears I am contributing to what I am seeing. See my June 6 post below.  I am projecting those fears and beliefs into the world; and they show up in forms infinite to confirm exactly what I believe, and to convince me of the futility of surrender, forgiveness and love.

It can feel daunting, overwhelming. And it would be insurmountable indeed if I believed I was doing this healing work alone. 

We are not alone. Ever. This moment, as always, is calling us to lean on the One who can heal these ideas of separation and bring us back to wholeness. Individually and collectively.

This is the true meaning of reconciliation: to make whole. 

There is no evil. Only a veil. (That’s a play on words.)

This veil through which I live (another play on words!) has a simple correction.

The I in which I live is made whole in love. (Switch out the letter I for the letter O).

When we allow Love to transform the mind that believes in “I”, we are transformed. We are made whole. We become One in Love.

From here, I offer this prayer:

“Father-Mother God – Creator of All – I come to You, bringing my grief, my confusion and all the burdens of my heart and mind.

I place them in the sacred fire of Your altar which is Love; 

And watch Love’s alchemy heal what I alone cannot heal.

Thank You.

Creator, help me correct this error in my mind so that I may have peace in my heart; so that I may know from You what is mine to do.

I am willing to see things differently. I am willing to understand.

I am your beloved Child. We are Your beloved Child.

In Your eyes, I am (we are) Innocent, Pure, Radiant, Joy-filled, One with you… and that will never change, no matter what I (we) choose to think, because that is what You are; and I am (we are) Your creation.

Help me forgive myself this error in my thinking that tries to convince me I am separate from You, from my brothers-sisters and all life.

Remove the veils that stop me from seeing my brother-sister as You see them.

Help me wake up from this dream of my own making.

Help me remember and accept the truth of what I am.

Help me remember and accept the truth of Your love for me, and all my brothers-sisters.

Help me remember and accept that I am safe with You.

All Your children are safe with You.

For Love is all there is.


May these words be of service πŸ’–πŸ™πŸ’–


P.S. Please share if you feel called to do so.

* * * 

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Thursday, June 17, 2021

The "I" is a Lie

Mony - Ottawa River sunset

The I is a Lie.

This phrase entered my mind as I was weeding and clearing out some deadwood in the backyard. I'm certain it came as a result of my resistance still to the idea that I am fabricating this world that I am experiencing. It is perhaps the hardest spiritual teaching to accept and practice because my eyes show me otherwise. 

So, I sat with Spirit, as I do in these situations. I gave It all my resistance, asking only for truth to be revealed. I always ask to keep my own thoughts and beliefs at bay because I can’t learn anything new if I believe I have all the answers. I can’t touch the timeless if I’m anchored in time and all its constraints. I go, as best as I can, with empty hands and ask that they be filled. Always with Love. And always in service to Love.

These are the words that I wrote:

“You are created Whole, Perfect, Radiant, Powerful…by a Creator-Father-Mother-God who IS. God is. Love is. Light is. No words can sufficiently describe what is, in essence, an experience with the Divine.  

In this Love, this Peace, without end, you live. You exist. You know you are loved; and that you love all that is created by your Creator. You are joyful, wanting nothing other than to express this Love that you are and that created you.

You look upon all creation with reverence, appreciation and gratitude because you know it is part of you too. There is no he/she/they/them. There is only the glorious Oneness singing the praises of its Creator.

All minds are joined. There is no “other”. You are one mind that is joined with the Mind that created all.

Only thoughts of your beloved Creator exist.

You know nothing of separation, lack, need, defense, attack, labeling, fear… because these are not the nature of your Creator. They are not the truth of who you are (One Cosmic Body, One Universal Consciousness, One Holy Son of God), what you are (ever loved, at peace, joy-filled) and where you are (with your brother/sister and Creator, always).

This is the state you can call Heaven.

Then, a thought enters this heavenly state and declares, “I”.

It is a foreign thought; a thought of separation in a Truth of Oneness.

But because the mind is a powerful instrument – a gift of the Creator to its beloved child – that thought “falls” as a drop out of the vast ocean of Oneness, wraps itself in a “body” and declares, “I exist”.

And in the same way that a mind in Oneness only knows how to create infinite beauty, so then does a mind believing it is separate and alone now begins to fabricate infinite horrors.

Where Peace once reigned, now there is anxiety.

Where Love was known to be the only truth, now there is fear.

Where cries of Joy reached the far corners of the Universe, now there is sadness.

Of course it’s not the Truth of who you are, but this mind of fear and separation – this tiny aberration in an infinitude of Perfection – fabricates worlds and experiences to demonstrate just how “real” *it* is; how *its* thoughts and beliefs and ideas are the Truth of who you are.

And you believe it.

It uses your eyes, your ears, your bodies to say, “Look! See. Touch. Feel. This world is real. This pain is real. This rage is real. THIS is the truth of who you are and what the world is, so protect yourself. Defend yourself. There are a million dangers waiting to attack you, manipulate you and take away your freedom. You can’t trust anything or anyone. ‘They’ are evil. ‘They’ are abusers. ‘They’ are guilty. You are weak and frail, and can die if you don’t defend yourself.”

Wars, conflicts, hunger, poverty, homelessness, plagues, pandemics… all attesting as certifiable witnesses to what this mind is trying to convince you is real. 

The virus specifically is a remarkable display of this mind trying to demonstrate there is no God, no Creator, no Spirit, nothing Infinite or Eternal about you; that you are a body, born only to live a while and then die.

It attacks the lungs, the respiratory system and your breath. You can live without food or water (yes it’s possible, even though this mind of separation tries to convince you otherwise) but you cannot live without the breath. 

Life enters on every inhale.

Spirit – the Source of all Life – enters on each breath, giving you Life.

You in-spire. Literally take in Spirit. (The Latin word spirare is the root of both words: breath and spirit.)

What better way to try and prove that Spirit does not exist, and that you are not Spirit but a body that dies? And when the body dies, you no longer exist.

And you believe it.

The IDEA that “I” exist in a “body” – that I AM a body – is so powerful that to challenge it is to collapse the foundations of your belief system, no matter how erroneous it is. 

To challenge the IDEA that the pandemic, the wars, the poverty, etc. are the makings/inventions of a mind trying to convince itself that it is separate is heresy at best, lunacy at worst.

In its illusions, delusions and dreams you remain, believing what you see is real.

All the while dreaming, believing you are awake.

But would a loving God-Creator-Father-Mother abandon its child, leaving it to remain in this nightmare of its own making? Of course not.

A Spark of Truth is with this child, a Bridge leading it back to Truth, a Voice loving and patient, ever whispering,

‘It’s time to wake up. You’ve made a mistake in your thinking. This world you’ve made is not real. Nothing here can hurt you. It’s time to forgive yourself this error and come Home, where you are safe, and already One with your brothers-sisters and with God. You love them, and they love you. And your Creator has certainly never stopped loving you all.

Let Me help you remember this. Let Me help you see truly. Let Me lead you from fear to Love.

You do not end at your body because you are not a body. You are one mind, one heart, one inescapable extension of Love here to manifest the glory of this Love, with your brother-sister.’

Whether you listen to this inner Voice, Teacher and Guide is up to you.

Whether you are willing to examine the foundations of your beliefs is also up to you.

Fear. Or Love.

Asleep. Or awake.

There is no other choice.”

May these words be of service.

Love, always. ❤πŸ™❤


P.S. If you like these channeled spiritual messages, check out my book CHANNELINGS, available from your favourite online retailer.

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Monday, May 17, 2021

Vaccination, Freedom and Awakening

Mony Dojeiji

As you can see, I got my shot! Alberto will get his this week.

There are so many opinions about vaccines, just as there are with masks, physical distancing and washing our hands. In fact, they’re exactly the same arguments about FREEDOM:

That, as a free person, I have the right to decide what is best for me, and no external force can make me do anything against my will. The virus isn’t dangerous and even if I did believe in it, my faith/ immunity/ body are strong enough to handle it. Vaccines don’t work. It’s the government’s way of controlling us. The artificial ingredients they put in there are so much worse than the virus. Etc.


As a free person, what I do for myself impacts others – no matter what I believe – because with freedom comes responsibility to the community we share. What affects one, affects all. A vaccine is a demonstration of my responsibility to the whole.

If you’ll notice, what we are talking about here are BELIEFS. IDEAS. THOUGHTS.

Those exist within ME.

I put those beliefs out into the world, and the world responds in kind, showing me what I already believe...which only reinforces my belief, and I now see it everywhere….which confirms my belief! lol In that loop of my own making I remain; until I am willing to stop and consider another way.

What is freedom?

Freedom is the greatest gift given us by a God Love. Each soul here on this Earth is inherently free, because that is the nature of God. That is the nature of the universe and all creatures and creations. It is a universe that is in continual expansion fueled by love. Love is the only truth of existence. It is the only reality… no matter what our earthly minds argue or what our senses demand that we take as proof to the contrary.

There is nothing that can take away that freedom. Ever. Mask or no mask. Vaccine or no vaccine.

If we look at our Mother Earth, at the wisdom of Nature, at the plant and animal kingdoms, we see that relationships among its members are often symbiotic. The members care for each other and, in so doing, ensure the health and well-being of all and of the ecosystem that supports them all.

Humans are no different. We are wired to care. We are wired to love. We are wired to look after one another. That IS our true nature, given to us by a Creator whose nature IS this.

What gets in the way of the natural expressing of that brotherly relationship are IDEAS that we have learned that somehow:

To love is to lose.

To offer is to be deprived.

To belong is to disappear.

Even if I don’t buy into the symbiotic nature of our existence and I believe myself to be the master – all on my own – of my own domain,

Then how can anything outside of me imprison me or hurt me?

If I hold the idea that some outside political, social, economic force is trying to control me, lie to me, manipulate me…. then I have already chained myself by that belief. Not only by projecting that belief, but by interpreting everything I see through its lens. Of course this will be my experience. It’s what I believe. And what I believe, I will see.

I appreciate that refusing to get the vaccine feels like a statement of my freedom, a refusal to cooperate with a system that I feel is only trying to hurt me.

But if I were truly free, no vaccine would harm me.

There is nothing and no one in this world that can give – or take away – the state of being called FREEDOM. It is an inner state.

Freedom is of the mind that knows the truth, unwavering, of who it is.

Freedom is of the heart, awakened in love and compassion, which only wishes to extend itself into the world.

Freedom is of the spirit, which is already free, and doesn’t need to prove that to anyone else.

The ultimate freedom is freedom from the illusions of this world:

The knowing that I am always one with my Creator. That I am loved, and forgiven for all the errors in my thinking. That nothing in this world can bind me. That when I am bound to God Love, I am free, for nothing that is asked of me in this material world (be it a mask, confinement, social distancing, a vaccine, a law…) can affect the knowing that I am already – now and forevermore – free.

Alberto and I will get our vaccines, wear our masks and observe requested norms. Why?

Because it is the most loving thing we can do at this time; choosing not to add to the anxiety, tension and divisiveness that we see. We know who we are, and Who is with us, in every moment. A vaccine or a mask will not change that.

To us, this is the meaning of the teaching by Jesus: I render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s (i.e. the mask or vaccine, what is of the world), and render to God the things that are God’s (my freedom, what is of the Spirit).

In fact, when I went to get my vaccine, I anchored myself (my thoughts) in the truth that only Love is real, and there is nothing but Light within me and all around me, in every person that is there and in the “space” between us; Light in the nurse injecting me, in her hand, extending into a needle made and filled with Light, entering a body that welcomes it as Light. Like unto like. Light unto Light. Love unto love. No separation.

This, to me, is the awakening:

Looking at the fears and beliefs that veil the Light that I am and keep me separate from my brothers/sisters;

Offering them to Spirit to be corrected;

So that Love (the truth of who I am) can guide my thoughts and actions in the world.

We can choose to lift these veils now; or keep them in place, refusing to let go of the belief that we are separate and that something outside of us is trying to hurt us.

And while we decide, Love waits. Ever patient. Ever extending a hand to help us walk through this “shadow” to the other side where only light exists. Where only love is real. Where brotherhood is the only truth.

Love, always πŸ™πŸ’•


* * *

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Thursday, January 21, 2021

AUDIOBOOK - Walking for Peace, an inner journey

Today, I begin reading our book WALKING FOR PEACE, AN INNER JOURNEY.

Chapter by chapter I will read, and post it all in the YouTube folder (below). Here is the Introduction and Prologue.

There is a power in speaking words out loud, in speaking the stories rather than simply reading them.

I hope you will take this journey with me, and enjoy these stories.

All my best,


* * * 

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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

The Call for Faith - my presentation at Unity


I was a guest speaker at Unity Spiritual Centre Ottawa (online), where I was asked to share a few thoughts on FAITH.

This is the video of that talk, with SPANISH SUBTITLES!

As I listened to the words again, I realized that it is precisely WITH FAITH that we are called to look upon the world... not the faith of what our eyes show us, but the Faith of what is beyond this world, of what is in our hearts, what is eternal, what is forgiven, what is Truth, what is Love. It is the call to go there, to let go of the shore of what we think we know, and to rest in all that is Love and where all in answered.

One of the most touching messages was a channeling that came as I was preparing this talk:

“God (Creator, Father, Mother, Source) never says,

I’ve lost faith in you.

The message is always, 

I have faith in you. You are my beloved child.

Give ME all your fears and worries, and let ME give you Peace. Let ME give you Courage. Let ME give you clarity, a new way of looking at things.

Give ME your guilt at not being able to do this.

Give ME your shame at not feeling worthy of so much love, especially when you feel you have failed ME or betrayed ME. For you can never do that.

Your deepest fear is that I – God – will no longer love you if I saw what resides in the dark recesses of your heart: your anger, your insecurities, your thoughts of revenge, your jealousies, your pettiness… Give ME those especially. Let ME free you from these chains you’ve placed around your heart and mind.

I am always with you. Lean on ME. Rest in ME. You are safe with ME, not in this physical world or your thoughts of it.

God’s Faith in you is everlasting.

Now are you invited to renew your Faith in The One who will never fail you."

May these words bring you comfort.

The ever-gracious Brenda Mason introduces me. I am thankful not only for her words, but for the warmth and openness with which I am always received in this welcoming spiritual community.

Please feel free to share this video, if you are called to do so.

With love, always πŸ™πŸ’•


* * *

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Friday, January 8, 2021

Holding Space


Mony Dojeiji

To me, it is the knowing that there is nothing happening in my world that is separate from me.

Not one thing.

This is the meaning of Oneness. Of we are one.

So if in my world there is pain in any form, mine is to bring it Home.

Mine is to align with Love and, together with Love, look with courage upon all that I would rather look away from, and bring it in to be healed.

Because there is nothing that Love cannot transform. 

In the Love that I know to be God, I anchor... and bring it ALL in.

God knows what to do with it.

And in the Peace that settles upon my heart, Love can write its Truth and speak to me of what is mine to do.

This is my spiritual practice.

Each and every one of us who walks the path of Love can do this.

As always, let it begin with me. πŸ™πŸ’•


* * * 

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