Thursday, June 17, 2021

The "I" is a Lie

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The I is a Lie.

This phrase entered my mind as I was weeding and clearing out some deadwood in the backyard. I'm certain it came as a result of my resistance still to the idea that I am fabricating this world that I am experiencing. It is perhaps the hardest spiritual teaching to accept and practice because my eyes show me otherwise. 

So, I sat with Spirit, as I do in these situations. I gave It all my resistance, asking only for truth to be revealed. I always ask to keep my own thoughts and beliefs at bay because I can’t learn anything new if I believe I have all the answers. I can’t touch the timeless if I’m anchored in time and all its constraints. I go, as best as I can, with empty hands and ask that they be filled. Always with Love. And always in service to Love.

These are the words that I wrote:

“You are created Whole, Perfect, Radiant, Powerful…by a Creator-Father-Mother-God who IS. God is. Love is. Light is. No words can sufficiently describe what is, in essence, an experience with the Divine.  

In this Love, this Peace, without end, you live. You exist. You know you are loved; and that you love all that is created by your Creator. You are joyful, wanting nothing other than to express this Love that you are and that created you.

You look upon all creation with reverence, appreciation and gratitude because you know it is part of you too. There is no he/she/they/them. There is only the glorious Oneness singing the praises of its Creator.

All minds are joined. There is no “other”. You are one mind that is joined with the Mind that created all.

Only thoughts of your beloved Creator exist.

You know nothing of separation, lack, need, defense, attack, labeling, fear… because these are not the nature of your Creator. They are not the truth of who you are (One Cosmic Body, One Universal Consciousness, One Holy Son of God), what you are (ever loved, at peace, joy-filled) and where you are (with your brother/sister and Creator, always).

This is the state you can call Heaven.

Then, a thought enters this heavenly state and declares, “I”.

It is a foreign thought; a thought of separation in a Truth of Oneness.

But because the mind is a powerful instrument – a gift of the Creator to its beloved child – that thought “falls” as a drop out of the vast ocean of Oneness, wraps itself in a “body” and declares, “I exist”.

And in the same way that a mind in Oneness only knows how to create infinite beauty, so then does a mind believing it is separate and alone now begins to fabricate infinite horrors.

Where Peace once reigned, now there is anxiety.

Where Love was known to be the only truth, now there is fear.

Where cries of Joy reached the far corners of the Universe, now there is sadness.

Of course it’s not the Truth of who you are, but this mind of fear and separation – this tiny aberration in an infinitude of Perfection – fabricates worlds and experiences to demonstrate just how “real” *it* is; how *its* thoughts and beliefs and ideas are the Truth of who you are.

And you believe it.

It uses your eyes, your ears, your bodies to say, “Look! See. Touch. Feel. This world is real. This pain is real. This rage is real. THIS is the truth of who you are and what the world is, so protect yourself. Defend yourself. There are a million dangers waiting to attack you, manipulate you and take away your freedom. You can’t trust anything or anyone. ‘They’ are evil. ‘They’ are abusers. ‘They’ are guilty. You are weak and frail, and can die if you don’t defend yourself.”

Wars, conflicts, hunger, poverty, homelessness, plagues, pandemics… all attesting as certifiable witnesses to what this mind is trying to convince you is real. 

The virus specifically is a remarkable display of this mind trying to demonstrate there is no God, no Creator, no Spirit, nothing Infinite or Eternal about you; that you are a body, born only to live a while and then die.

It attacks the lungs, the respiratory system and your breath. You can live without food or water (yes it’s possible, even though this mind of separation tries to convince you otherwise) but you cannot live without the breath. 

Life enters on every inhale.

Spirit – the Source of all Life – enters on each breath, giving you Life.

You in-spire. Literally take in Spirit. (The Latin word spirare is the root of both words: breath and spirit.)

What better way to try and prove that Spirit does not exist, and that you are not Spirit but a body that dies? And when the body dies, you no longer exist.

And you believe it.

The IDEA that “I” exist in a “body” – that I AM a body – is so powerful that to challenge it is to collapse the foundations of your belief system, no matter how erroneous it is. 

To challenge the IDEA that the pandemic, the wars, the poverty, etc. are the makings/inventions of a mind trying to convince itself that it is separate is heresy at best, lunacy at worst.

In its illusions, delusions and dreams you remain, believing what you see is real.

All the while dreaming, believing you are awake.

But would a loving God-Creator-Father-Mother abandon its child, leaving it to remain in this nightmare of its own making? Of course not.

A Spark of Truth is with this child, a Bridge leading it back to Truth, a Voice loving and patient, ever whispering,

‘It’s time to wake up. You’ve made a mistake in your thinking. This world you’ve made is not real. Nothing here can hurt you. It’s time to forgive yourself this error and come Home, where you are safe, and already One with your brothers-sisters and with God. You love them, and they love you. And your Creator has certainly never stopped loving you all.

Let Me help you remember this. Let Me help you see truly. Let Me lead you from fear to Love.

You do not end at your body because you are not a body. You are one mind, one heart, one inescapable extension of Love here to manifest the glory of this Love, with your brother-sister.’

Whether you listen to this inner Voice, Teacher and Guide is up to you.

Whether you are willing to examine the foundations of your beliefs is also up to you.

Fear. Or Love.

Asleep. Or awake.

There is no other choice.”

May these words be of service.

Love, always. ❤🙏❤


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