Monday, May 17, 2021

Vaccination, Freedom and Awakening

Mony Dojeiji

As you can see, I got my shot! Alberto will get his this week.

There are so many opinions about vaccines, just as there are with masks, physical distancing and washing our hands. In fact, they’re exactly the same arguments about FREEDOM:

That, as a free person, I have the right to decide what is best for me, and no external force can make me do anything against my will. The virus isn’t dangerous and even if I did believe in it, my faith/ immunity/ body are strong enough to handle it. Vaccines don’t work. It’s the government’s way of controlling us. The artificial ingredients they put in there are so much worse than the virus. Etc.


As a free person, what I do for myself impacts others – no matter what I believe – because with freedom comes responsibility to the community we share. What affects one, affects all. A vaccine is a demonstration of my responsibility to the whole.

If you’ll notice, what we are talking about here are BELIEFS. IDEAS. THOUGHTS.

Those exist within ME.

I put those beliefs out into the world, and the world responds in kind, showing me what I already believe...which only reinforces my belief, and I now see it everywhere….which confirms my belief! lol In that loop of my own making I remain; until I am willing to stop and consider another way.

What is freedom?

Freedom is the greatest gift given us by a God Love. Each soul here on this Earth is inherently free, because that is the nature of God. That is the nature of the universe and all creatures and creations. It is a universe that is in continual expansion fueled by love. Love is the only truth of existence. It is the only reality… no matter what our earthly minds argue or what our senses demand that we take as proof to the contrary.

There is nothing that can take away that freedom. Ever. Mask or no mask. Vaccine or no vaccine.

If we look at our Mother Earth, at the wisdom of Nature, at the plant and animal kingdoms, we see that relationships among its members are often symbiotic. The members care for each other and, in so doing, ensure the health and well-being of all and of the ecosystem that supports them all.

Humans are no different. We are wired to care. We are wired to love. We are wired to look after one another. That IS our true nature, given to us by a Creator whose nature IS this.

What gets in the way of the natural expressing of that brotherly relationship are IDEAS that we have learned that somehow:

To love is to lose.

To offer is to be deprived.

To belong is to disappear.

Even if I don’t buy into the symbiotic nature of our existence and I believe myself to be the master – all on my own – of my own domain,

Then how can anything outside of me imprison me or hurt me?

If I hold the idea that some outside political, social, economic force is trying to control me, lie to me, manipulate me…. then I have already chained myself by that belief. Not only by projecting that belief, but by interpreting everything I see through its lens. Of course this will be my experience. It’s what I believe. And what I believe, I will see.

I appreciate that refusing to get the vaccine feels like a statement of my freedom, a refusal to cooperate with a system that I feel is only trying to hurt me.

But if I were truly free, no vaccine would harm me.

There is nothing and no one in this world that can give – or take away – the state of being called FREEDOM. It is an inner state.

Freedom is of the mind that knows the truth, unwavering, of who it is.

Freedom is of the heart, awakened in love and compassion, which only wishes to extend itself into the world.

Freedom is of the spirit, which is already free, and doesn’t need to prove that to anyone else.

The ultimate freedom is freedom from the illusions of this world:

The knowing that I am always one with my Creator. That I am loved, and forgiven for all the errors in my thinking. That nothing in this world can bind me. That when I am bound to God Love, I am free, for nothing that is asked of me in this material world (be it a mask, confinement, social distancing, a vaccine, a law…) can affect the knowing that I am already – now and forevermore – free.

Alberto and I will get our vaccines, wear our masks and observe requested norms. Why?

Because it is the most loving thing we can do at this time; choosing not to add to the anxiety, tension and divisiveness that we see. We know who we are, and Who is with us, in every moment. A vaccine or a mask will not change that.

To us, this is the meaning of the teaching by Jesus: I render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s (i.e. the mask or vaccine, what is of the world), and render to God the things that are God’s (my freedom, what is of the Spirit).

In fact, when I went to get my vaccine, I anchored myself (my thoughts) in the truth that only Love is real, and there is nothing but Light within me and all around me, in every person that is there and in the “space” between us; Light in the nurse injecting me, in her hand, extending into a needle made and filled with Light, entering a body that welcomes it as Light. Like unto like. Light unto Light. Love unto love. No separation.

This, to me, is the awakening:

Looking at the fears and beliefs that veil the Light that I am and keep me separate from my brothers/sisters;

Offering them to Spirit to be corrected;

So that Love (the truth of who I am) can guide my thoughts and actions in the world.

We can choose to lift these veils now; or keep them in place, refusing to let go of the belief that we are separate and that something outside of us is trying to hurt us.

And while we decide, Love waits. Ever patient. Ever extending a hand to help us walk through this “shadow” to the other side where only light exists. Where only love is real. Where brotherhood is the only truth.

Love, always 🙏💕


* * *

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