Thursday, July 22, 2021

Mary Magdalene - a channeled message

Today is the Feast Day of Mary Magdalene.

She came to me in one of my channelings several years ago, an energy that was at once confident yet yielding, in full power yet fully surrendered. She delivered this message, at a moment when I was learning to yield to the Feminine.

Here is an excerpt from my book CHANNELINGS:

"Today, I somehow know that Mary Magdalene was a Master in her own right who chose to use her Mastery to support Jesus-Yeshua, her beloved, in his more public role, knowing that she will continue this work of bringing the consciousness of Love to the masses after he was gone.

The masculine and feminine were just as fully developed in her as they were in him, and each used their powers uniquely. The Christ was fully manifest in her and, from her knowledge of the Great Mysteries, she supported and nourished Jesus-Yeshua in ways no one else understood. She knew full well what he needed to keep the Christ energies paramount in and around them.

She was an equal, choosing what appeared to be a secondary role, but that was in reality supporting the bigger work that both had come to anchor. And when the time came, she continued the work here in the physical realm with, undoubtedly, the support of Jesus-Yeshua from realms invisible to others…but not to her.

Al was perfectly ordained and executed; and Mary played her part, bringing the teaching of Love far and wide, continuing the movement of these energies forward.

I don’t know how I know this, but I do.

What a great Master, Healer and Teacher you are, Mary of the Majdal. I finally understand, and I love you.

'No victims here. No villains either. Perfection, only.

As prepared. As continued.

Teachings awakened in the heart.

Teachings eternal, that I carried in my heart, that I passed along to my students/friends/companions/workers of the heart;

My brothers and sisters of the Stars;

My fellow explorers and lovers of the One God we all serve willingly, openly, freely and with hearts wide open;

Open to God;

Open to the world;

Drinking from the Eternal Fountain;

Spilling it forth unto the world.

No victims. No villains. Only perfection.

Ever perfection. Ever onwards.

Stay in this consciousness, and all flows and unfolds before you, as you and we together have ordained.

And so are you ever-blessed, my sister, my student, my friend.

Ever onwards, in Love, for Love.

And so it is ordained.' "

With love, 🙏💖


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