Friday, December 28, 2018

Merry Christmas!

I hope you are all enjoying your holidays.

I'm signing off until the New Year, and look forward to quiet time, to reflect and meditate, catch up on my personal writings, and truly connect with the light - the star - in the cave of my own heart.

Merry Christmas. Joyeux Noel. Feliz Navidad.

Love to all! 💖


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Monday, December 24, 2018

Christmas Eve in Bethlehem

On this night many years ago, Alberto and I celebrated Christmas Eve in Bethlehem, ending a 13-month pilgrimage for peace.

Like the Wise Men, we too had journeyed from afar, following a six-sided star. It was one of the persistent signs that guided our journey. We naturally assumed it referred to the Star of David, confirming our pilgrimage to the Holy Land. But it was so much more!

We didn’t plan to arrive in Jerusalem or Bethlehem on Dec. 24. I see now that it was one of those seminal moments – like the many we had during our walk – where a greater Hand was orchestrating the events of our arrival so that we may understand the mystical meaning of this sacred day. We were led to the people and circumstances to be physically in Bethlehem and to participate in the outer celebrations, but to mark the inner significance of this birth in a completely unrelated manner.

In stillness. In silence. In simplicity.

In our hotel room, we each lit a candle and gave thanks to all the forces that had delivered us there safely. We offered our deep love and appreciation for the journey we had just completed and the many lessons yet to be revealed.

We bowed in reverence to the Light and the Love that was being born that night in the cave of our hearts.

We brought gifts as well, offering a heart that had been broken open and its darkest recesses filled with love. We brought a mind whose ideas and constructs has been torn down and rebuilt on a foundation of truth and higher thought. We offered feet and bodies that had walked in service to that Love, and that committed to do so over and again.

It is a Love that is eternal. A Light more brilliant than a thousand suns. It heals all. It beautifies all. It comforts all. It illuminates all.

It is the Divine essence of who we are, a universal consciousness of brotherhood, compassion and service. It is what is born again at this time, and what we delight in celebrating.

May this Light shine ever so brilliantly in your lives, always. <3


* * *
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Friday, December 21, 2018

Winter Solstice - Return of the Sun

Tonight is the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year for those us in the Northern Hemisphere.

This night, in which the light is eclipsed by the darkness, is deeply meaningful. It holds a promise, of days ever brighter, of a light never really extinguished; a light awaiting greater expression. There is something comforting about this – that no matter how dark it may appear to be, the light is always there as well.

Now is the time to nurture that light, to journey inwards towards that sacred star, and bear witness to the truths awaiting revelation. These truths, these whispers of the spirit, are ours and ours alone. They are carried in the stillness that only darkness can bring.

May this night be blessed for all, and the light shine ever brightly. 💖


* * *
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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Shine On!

Mony Dojeiji
Those of you on this path of awakening with me know that the journey is not usually a straight line.

Often, what you thought was fully healed comes back under a different guise to confound you. The fear and hurt that you were confident had been brought back to love surprise you with their ferocity and persistence.

If we - as individuals - find our journey to wholeness arduous, imagine what it must be like for a family, a community, a nation.

So, we keep on keeping on, putting one step in front of the other, celebrating the positives and the gains, strengthening the bridges to the heart, pouring love into every crack, baring our souls to the world. We walk on. We shine on.

It's a good day to be alive...


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My message on Election Day in the U.S.

To my American friends today:

I love you.

No matter who you vote for. No matter what you believe. I see YOU. And I love you. <3

That is my mantra for the day.


* * *
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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Making Peace - the way of Ho'oponopono

For those of us on the path of unfolding Spirit, it may at times feel as if the world of Spirit and the world we witness are indeed worlds apart. The divide appears to be expanding, with few means of bridging or reconciling that separation.

How can we live in the world, and love it?

In this talk at Unity Spiritual Centre Ottawa, I share some thoughts on how to do just that.

It all begins within.


* * *

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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Pilgrim Story Hour w/ Mony Dojeiji - Walking Alone, a spiritual practice

Our life is a pilgrimage, with only one sacred destination: an encounter with our true selves. On that journey, we must learn to walk alone so that we may stand in confidence of the world, rather than in fear of it.

I gave this talk at Unity Spiritual Centre Ottawa. I hope you enjoy my reflections and stories.

Buen Camino!

* * *

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