Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Author's Journey hosts Camellia Teas

My guest infuses #Japanese culture, beauty and ease not only in her classes, but her #books and #artwork as well.

Join me for my conversation with Rebecca of Camellia Teas, on this episode of The Author's Journey!

To listen to the PODCAST, please visit soundcloud.com/mony-dojeiji/sets/the-authors-journey.

Thanks for tuning in, and feel free to share!


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Thursday, January 25, 2018

The Author's Journey hosts Dr. Lesley Harman

Join me for this fascinating and insightful conversation with Lesley Harman, as she she shares her journey from the world of academia (Professor of Sociology at King's College in London) to that of a simple pilgrim; the importance of Presence and meditation when writing; and the power of using your words and voice as the means to express your authentic self.

A beautiful interview with a beautiful person.

To learn more about Lesley's books, please visit http://ursuspress.ca/.

Listen to the PODCAST on https://soundcloud.com/mony-dojeiji/sets/the-authors-journey.

Enjoy, and thanks for sharing!

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Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Author's Journey hosts Dr. Gita Baack

Author, poet and social activist Dr. Gita Arian Baack speaks about her her latest book “The Inheritors: Moving Forward from Generational Trauma”.

She offers insights to survivors of trauma on how to process the pain, anger, hatred and violence so that they will not be perpetuated to future generations.

To learn more about Dr. Gita Baack, visit her website

To listen to the PODCAST, visit

Thanks for tuning in, and for sharing!


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Friday, January 19, 2018

The Author's Journey hosts Guy Thatcher (TV interview)

At age 70, my guest embarked on his first #pilgrimage, walking the #CaminodeSantiago in Spain. It didn't unfold as he expected.

In this #interview, he shares his experiences with me and the power of flowing with the unexpected https://lnkd.in/eth-4Ck.



* * *

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

2018 - Reflection, Intention and Motion

Mony Dojeiji

As 2018 gallops forward, I want to take a few moments to reflect on this past year, and the person who continues to emerge from the process.

It’s tempting to start by listing off all accomplishments; and, yes, I’m very proud of them. Of what I’ve accomplished alone, and with my ever-supportive husband and partner-in-all Alberto. I’m especially proud that we continue to honour our company’s mission which is to create and offer books and artwork that expand consciousness. We’ve worked hard and, for all that we have done, I am grateful.

Especially important to me is WHO I AM BEING while going about my tasks. Long ago, I set an intention for my life: to be a bringer of peace, light and love in the world, and to unfold to their maximum the unique God-given talents I have been given in order to serve that intention.

To me, that means being tethered to Spirit in every moment and acting on its dictates, not out of some servile obligation, but out of love for self and that divine grace which has created me.

It means knowing what I stand for, and acting in consequence. How may I serve? Is what I am doing an expression of who I am? Am I residing in a consciousness of love or fear? My answers to those questions dictate my day. Of course I messed up…many times. But then I stood, dusted myself off and tried again.

This is not an easy way to live sometimes because the mind clamours for order, detail, security, plans, control.

And although I can fill my days with tasks and to-do lists, and feel quite accomplished, I have seen that my biggest leaps happen when I’m aligned with Spirit.

This past year, that calling led me to explore more fully what it means to be a storyteller, telling my stories (as a professional speaker) and those of others (as Host and Producer of my own show The Author’s Journey). At first, I worried that dedicating so much unpaid time to other peoples’ projects would take valuable time away from mine. But then I realized that I have been given an invaluable gift: a platform from which I can bring conversations that inspire and empower. And I’m definitely all about that!

I also realized that, although it’s important to speak and share my stories, the greater opportunity is to bring into the world light, love and inspiration – no matter where it resides – so that our energies, collectively, lift the world. It’s a great privilege to be in that space, knowing that in serving a higher good, all that I need and more shall be given unto me.

I’m always honoured when people seek my counsel, whether it’s for their personal life journey or matters of the heart or Spirit. At the same time, I feel we are ALL being called to bring our wisdom, light, truth, consciousness into leadership roles, and to use that power to influence decisions that impact our communities and societies. I don’t know what that looks like for me yet, only that it resonates very deeply with me, and that I intend to explore it more fully.

It was impossible to escape the many news events that rocked our world last year, and to observe them rather than be swayed by them. It was easy to feel angry and helpless at the enormity of these events. It took a while, but I finally understood that I may not have the power to resolve these situations, but I most definitely have the power to respond to them.

And I choose to respond with calm, with openness, with love, and with discourse that elevates and brings reconciliation…because there are enough voices to the contrary.

I choose to awaken and see the light in others, especially when they can’t see it for themselves…because that’s what brothers and sisters of the soul do.

I choose to declare another way: to BE the helper, the builder, the change-maker, the way-shower, the light-worker. To be the first to forgive, lend a hand, build a bridge, offer a smile. It all begins with me.

This is what it means to be peace in the world. It is a state of BEING that dictates all that I am DOING. It is from this consciousness that, I believe, we change the world.

I know that the details of 2018 will unfold before me, as they have always, because I know that I’m not alone on the journey.

My “job” is to remain connected to Source, gaze lifted and heart open; and to act when the moment arrives, even when the path seems fraught with uncertainty and not entirely marked.

It means being a pilgrim on this grand pilgrimage called life.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. May your every step this year be blessed.
~Mony <3

* * *

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Angels Among Us

Today, we celebrated the arrival of our latest tri-language children's book "MY FAMILY AND I - MA FAMILLE ET MOI - MI FAMILIA Y YO", with a touching experience.

From the moment we were writing this book, we knew we had something special, that we were somehow bringing a piece of the eternal into our everyday.

This morning, I had a dream. I am standing in our kitchen beside my husband Alberto, who was washing some dishes in the sink. Above the sink is a large window overlooking our back yard. As we speak, I see reflected in the window (beside Alberto) the image of an older man, with a round face receding hairline. He's dressed in a grey suit with light checks, and is looking down at a pair of dark-rimmed glasses that he's holding in his hands, and wiping with a cloth. He looks at me and smiles with such tenderness and kindness.

I know it's Alberto's dad, Rafael, even though I never met him. He passed a few days after Alberto and I began walking together to Jerusalem. I'm in tears as I share the dream with Alberto, who confirms that his father had a grey, checked suit that he wore for special occasions and that he wore dark-rimmed glasses.

He's also one of the main characters in the book that we received today; perhaps in his own way letting us know that he is near, as are all our loved ones, and that we are never alone.


To learn more about the book, please visit the Amazon site in your country.

* * *

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Announcing our New English-French-Spanish Children's Book!

We are delighted to announce the worldwide availability of our first tri-language children's book:

* * * My Family and I - Ma famille et moi - Mi familia y yo * * * 

That's right... English, French and Spanish in ONE book!

Beautifully illustrated by Alberto Agraso, it continues the adventures of little Angela (from our other book I am Happy), as she shares her beautiful interpretation of what #family means to her.

Suitable for the young and young-at-heart.

We hope you'll join her on her latest adventure.

Available from Amazon sites around the world.

Thank you - merci - gracias!

* * *

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