Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Inner Meaning of the The Magi

Mony Dojeiji

The Wise Men (or Magi) are coming tomorrow, January 6, heralding for many children around the world the joy and excitement of receiving their gifts.

In Christian tradition, this day is the Epiphany, the day that Divinity revealed itself to man in the form of Jesus. It is the Twelfth Night, officially ending Christmas festivities which began on December 25. Others observe this day as the baptism of Jesus in the River Jordan by John the Baptist.

What most intrigues me on this day, however, is not merely the outer manifestations and celebrations, but the deeper, inner message this time reveals.

The Light is with us – within us – always. There is not a moment that this Light is ever extinguished. This is the Innocence, the Purity, the Divinity that is housed in “darkness” of the flesh, our bodies, our material thoughts and inclinations. The winter months symbolically represent this heaviness or darkness, appearing to be diminishing and eclipsing the Light until…a day arrives, a Winter Solstice, heralding the end of darkness and the days of ever more brilliant Light.

This Light is not of the Earth, just as it is not of the body.

This Light is a beacon, just as the Star that the Wise Men followed is a beacon.

It beckons all to witness Its grandeur. Its simplicity. Its perfection. Its majesty.

Wisdom knows to bow before this.

The Magi – representing this Universal Wisdom – travel in faith, their arrival predestined, no matter how long their journey. The Star, ever-brilliant, guides them to the humble altar before which they will kneel, and offer their gifts of:

Gold. The most valuable element. Pure, warm, soft, pliable and enduring. Symbolizing royalty, love and loving union. The promise to love this Light Eternal and place no others before It.

Frankincense. An aromatic resin used as incense, and in sacred oils and perfumes. As it burns, its smoke rises like a prayer to the heavens. Air represents the mind, ready to be purified of its material nature so that it may rise to its Divine nature. A mind devoted to Spiritual Truth, and to pursuing and living that truth.

Myrrh. Also a resin, used for embalming. An Arabic word meaning bitter, and the life trials that often seem too bitter to swallow. With Myrrh, they bring the gift of their commitment to serve – no matter the hardships – and to lead with love.

With these gifts, the Magi (the Universal Wisdom) offer their hearts, minds and bodies in service to the Light Eternal.

This too is our journey. The Soul’s journey Home. The Light sending out its call for us to return, marking the way clear. Our way is assured, no matter how long we may take. We come with treasures – our joy, our love, our brotherhood – but also with sorrows. We leave them all in reverence before The One who can take them, and in whose Radiance our own can also shine.

These are the true gifts that we are bringing on this sacred day.

Happy Day of the Magi. 👑👑👑

Love, always. 🙏💖


P.S. this is the Nativity we have in our home, bought in Jerusalem's Old City, at the end of our pilgrimage there.

* * *

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