Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Angels Among Us

Today, we celebrated the arrival of our latest tri-language children's book "MY FAMILY AND I - MA FAMILLE ET MOI - MI FAMILIA Y YO", with a touching experience.

From the moment we were writing this book, we knew we had something special, that we were somehow bringing a piece of the eternal into our everyday.

This morning, I had a dream. I am standing in our kitchen beside my husband Alberto, who was washing some dishes in the sink. Above the sink is a large window overlooking our back yard. As we speak, I see reflected in the window (beside Alberto) the image of an older man, with a round face receding hairline. He's dressed in a grey suit with light checks, and is looking down at a pair of dark-rimmed glasses that he's holding in his hands, and wiping with a cloth. He looks at me and smiles with such tenderness and kindness.

I know it's Alberto's dad, Rafael, even though I never met him. He passed a few days after Alberto and I began walking together to Jerusalem. I'm in tears as I share the dream with Alberto, who confirms that his father had a grey, checked suit that he wore for special occasions and that he wore dark-rimmed glasses.

He's also one of the main characters in the book that we received today; perhaps in his own way letting us know that he is near, as are all our loved ones, and that we are never alone.


To learn more about the book, please visit the Amazon site in your country.

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