Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Reaching Indigenous Youth Conference

Driving home tonight, my heart felt both heavy and hopeful.

I was at an all-day conference called “Reaching Indigenous Youth”, attended by Elders, Wisdom Keepers, MPs, Senators and so many individuals and organizations working for peace and reconciliation on all levels.

Words like genocide and apartheid are difficult to hear and evoke images of far-away lands, of peoples other than your own. To learn about what this country did to its indigenous population over the centuries - and to experience it through an activity called the "blanket exercise" - left me feeling shaken, outraged, ashamed.

It would’ve been easy to stay there, but the voices of the builders gave me hope.

Talk of healing of the Spirit lifted me.

Aspirations to a higher consciousness, where Love is the foundation of how we move forward together, united, as brothers and sisters sharing this land… made my heart sing.

There is much to be done to rebuild the broken trust, and the journey, as in any relationship, is fraught with perils…but at least we are on the path, walking together, moving into action – and that’s what matters.

Let there be reconciliation in the land, and let it begin within my own heart.


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