Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Courage is taking one step...

Courage: We often think of it in grand terms, as giant feats of heroism; but I’ve come to appreciate that true courage involves listening to our intuition and taking one purposeful step in the direction of our highest truth.

I have many experiences to draw from, but I will share with you the story of what happened when I left Microsoft, not knowing my next steps and not having a clear direction for my life.

The decision didn’t happen overnight. It took several years, as I flitted from job to job within the company, waiting for each new job to fill the tremendous void of dissatisfaction and fatigue I was feeling. The initial enthusiasm and challenge would inevitably wane, and I would once again begin to feel restless; but I wasn't ready to give up my career, my identity or my livelihood.

At the same time, a powerful shift was happening within me.

My intuition was awakening. Until then, if I couldn't see or touch a thing, it didn't exist. Logic won over instinct every time. But I was seeing how those little hunches, those tiny feelings that carried absolute knowing, were bringing me to places of healing and comprehension. I began listening to them.

I felt connected to a greatness that extended beyond my concepts of love; and I felt it close to me, encouraging me to act on all the coincidences that were presenting themselves. Even though my logic protested at the absurdity of following a coincidence, I did it anyways, and found myself in situations that brought clarity and insight.

I also felt as if all of Creation was awaiting my moment of decision, so that they too could move with me.

Let me tell you what happened when I finally made my decision to quit.

I had left Canada, and was now working at the Microsoft’s head office in Washington. I finally worked up the resolve, and walked into my manager's office to tell her the news. She knew I was unhappy and so, before I could speak, began to describe a new job opportunity that would have me be the liaison between Corporate office in the U.S. with the offices in Europe, Middle East and Africa. It would be a relationship-building job where I would travel the region, sharing best practices with them and taking back to Corporate the practices that were working well locally that we could incorporate into international programs.

Could there be a better job?! To travel, meet people, share stories, and get paid for it?!

I was paralyzed by indecision, shutting down what I knew to be my truth and beginning to convince myself that THIS new job would bring me the inner peace and fulfillment I was seeking...until a friend and mentor at Microsoft sat me down and said:

“You need great courage to take one small step in the direction of your heart and its yearning, even when you don't know where that step will lead you exactly. Do you have that courage?”

I decided that I did. When I finally quit, the floodgates that had been holding the precious clarity I sought opened up. They led me to a retreat in the mountains a few hours from my home where I would serendipitously meet my eagle, and begin my pilgrimages and travels.

One small step. One committed act towards self-love and inner peace. One act of faith in myself and all the forces of Love that I knew were rooting for me!

And knowing that behind that leap, Love has my back!

That's all it took.

May your courage reveal the next step in your journey.

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