Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Reflections on 9/11

This day, 9/11, remains in my memory as the catalyst for the greatest journey of my life.

While on the Camino in July of that year, I received the inspiration to walk the Way of the Soul to Jerusalem. I was decided, confident that this was my path, seeing only possibilities and paying no heed to the nagging fears that insisted on surfacing…until I got off the Camino.

Conversations with family and friends only focused on the craziness of the idea, of a woman walking alone along the side of the road through countries unknown to a region that people were trying to escape from. My fears began to win over my heart. I began to put aside my calling, and to listen to reason, to fear.

9/11 shook me out of that stupor, and placed me on the path of action, of following my heart even when I didn’t have all the details worked out, of trusting in the invisible forces that had guided me on the Camino, and that were guiding me still.

I reflect on this day often, how easy it would have been to fall deeper into fear and shut myself off from the world. I saw that same struggle on the faces of so many people. Despite the horrors of the day, I also saw so much grace and dignity, so much love and compassion, so many people refusing to bow to fear and to carry on, choosing to light the way rather than close off in darkness.

If there can be a gift from this day, it was to witness that choice and to feel its power reverberating into the heart of all creation.

Namaste <3

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