Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Elevating the Conversation

"Lift the energy of the Earth, of the denser matter, into the higher planes of Love. There, they are transformed back into their essence, revealing a beauty and grace hitherto unperceived by them and you. This is what is meant by spiritualizing matter.
It means elevating the conversation about the issues of the day, coming at them from a perspective untainted by fear, judgment or expectation, and seeing them as mere creations.
And as mere creations, they can be re-created, or created anew.
That is your work on the Earth, the denser, plane.
Lift the conversation. Reach for higher words, higher thoughts, higher ideas.
Align yourself with the energies of the Light. Place yourself always in the Light, and watch the elements unfold."
I had this reflection late last week during one of my morning walks. I believe these words emerged as a result of a nagging feeling that I had after watching a private screening of "The Change Agents", a wonderfully done movie about the damaging effects of industrialization on the environment. Although the intention was to inform, and the overall message to inspire hope and positive action, so much focus on the problem, and its gravity, ended up leaving me emotionally drained. 

Of course this begs the question of how to focus on a solution without being dragged down by the "problem". No matter the issue of the day, this, I believe, is the greatest challenge. Raising awareness of a situation is important, but once aware, how do we "spiritualize" it? How do we elevate the conversation? I think this is what Einstein meant when he stated that a problem can’t be solved from the same thinking or level of consciousness that created it.

But what does a Love-based solution look like? This is where my thinking is often stretched, where I am asked to suspend my notions of what is, and what is not, possible, and to wade into the realm of imagination, of creativity, of the unknown, to try and tap into a thought that was not present before.

To tap into those realms, to open myself up to the impossible, even if only fleetingly, requires me to be in that state of consciousness, in that place of all-possibility. It requires a mind emptied of thought, and a heart filled with a calm knowing. It requires an inner stillness despite the outer turmoil. I can’t claim to have mastered this path, but I better understand the power of presence and connection as the drivers of action.   
As I now look at the issues of the day, I try to reach for that higher thought about the situation. I try not to fall into the emotion and drama of it all. I also try not to judge, which is not easy, but rather be a dispassionate observer, aware but unattached. I envelop the situation in light, knowing that there is a higher purpose at work, even though I may not understand it, and that this purpose is very much a loving one, inviting us to reach higher (into Love) rather than fall deeper (into fear). That is a moment by moment, individual by individual, choice. No one can make it for us. No one can enter the recesses of our hearts and minds to accompany us there. No one can walk this path for us.

But I do believe that as we continually reach for those higher thoughts, those higher feelings, those higher perspectives - as insignificant as they may seem in the beginning - we are elevating the conversation. We are inviting a different kind of dialogue, and energy, into our lives. We are "spiritualizing" matter and, in consequence, raising our own, and collective, consciousness.

If we were each to do this with whatever issue we are passionate about, imagine the conversation we would have. Imagine the incredible range of inspired ideas, and actions, we would all offer the world. Imagine how transformed we and our world would be.

It does make you think...





  1. Nice use of imagination, compassion, and directed attention to love and trust in one's inner spirit. Thank you, Mony, for releasing those words of the God Within and inspiring us how to think and walk the talk.

  2. Thank you so much Koozma! You know how much I respect and admire all that you do to share the Light within in your own way.

    For any of my friends reading this who are not familiar with Koozma and his tremendous knowledge of the ways of the Dukhobors, I encourage you to visit his website www.spirit-wrestlers.com.

    With love,