Friday, March 16, 2018

Day 3 of my 5-day water and broth Fast

So, here I am on day 3 of my 5-day water and broth fast.

I had done this fast last year, and shared with you my day-by-day reflections. This time, I felt the call to be more silent and so have tried, with mixed success, to disconnect from the outer world and focus inwards.

One of the big themes that has come up in these days is:

Where does true nourishment come from?

Is it from what you consume, or from what nourishes your spirit, your heart, your soul?

Is this nourishment (of and from the spirit) enough to sustain you on all levels?

The growling in my stomach pulls me in one direction, while the stillness pulls me in another.

In the stillness, I feel a warmth seeping into every atom of my being, and wish only to remain there. The hunger and mental chatter dissipate, and in that moment, I know the true source of my nourishment.

The work is to stay there, of course. That's the practice and discipline I'm developing.

I'm going offline again and will see you on day 5, Friday evening, when I break my fast.

Have a great week!


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