Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Pointing the Way

I’ve recently been introduced to the work and magnificence that was Nikola Tesla. A man truly ahead of his time. This particular quote got me thinking…

Of course, the comments don’t apply to scientists only, but to any and all who choose a vision for themselves and the world that doesn’t fit into the mainstream.

There will always be those tweaking the systems and structures we hold dear; and then there will be those who upend them altogether to show another way.

Many of you reading this, I know, consider yourselves to be light-workers, bringing a vision of our world and a consciousness that is grounded in love and Oneness. I count myself among them. Sometimes, it’s easy to feel that we can’t change anything because the traditional, often fear-based, systems appear too strongly entrenched.

This quote from Tesla, however, breathed new life into me.

Our work is to show the way. Paint a vision of how we can be, and how our societies can be. It may sound Utopian, but we are here for no less a task than to mark a path.

I believe the technology exists today to eradicate poverty, hunger, illness. Free energy, free WIFI, free communications, free education, universal basic income, the right to contribute your highest without worrying about economic contribution… by today’s models, all these are considered utopian and unattainable.

But just because today’s models don’t support these ideas doesn’t invalidate them. It doesn't mean we give up.

Enter the dreamers, the artists, the poets, the healers, the visionaries, the misfits, the compassionate ones, the quantum physicists, and all those who dwell in the realm of possibility.

Your ideas may not be taken up today, but no matter. Our sacred task as souls on a journey of exploration and expansion is to lay down the foundation anyways for those to come, and point the way.

Ever onwards. <3 

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