Monday, May 15, 2017

True Nature of the Material World is Spiritual

There are moments when an idea comes with such clarity that you are left in awe of its power and simplicity.

This morning was one such moment.

Alberto and I had been reflecting on the kinds of experiences (work and life) that we wish to have in our lives; and each, in their own way, began working on bringing them forth. As I wrote in my diary about the feelings these experiences evoked – and actually feeling them – I thought to myself:

“This is great, but I get these same feelings when I am connected to Spirit, when I am anchored in that place of all-possibility.”

Then the following words flowed through me, uninterrupted:

“…That’s because your material world is spiritual in nature.

It is not “material”. That does not exist.

Every object, every dollar bill, every house, every car, every thing desired, is spiritual. Its very essence is Spirit.

When you align with the Spirit in ALL things and understand them to be Spirit in essence, then the great puzzle makes sense.

Spirit can only call more of itself unto itself.

The Spirit that YOU ARE calls forth, recognizes, acknowledges, blesses, celebrates, bows in gratitude to…the Spirit in the object desired.

You want a bigger house filled with modern furnishings and luxuries that make you feel energized at the mere thought of them? See them not as material objects, but as Spirit. They are God. They are immaterial.

Just as you are.

See them all as your spiritual birthright.

See them as the Spirit-objects that your Spirit-self wishes to have-hold-experience.

Feel that Spirit in them.

Appreciate it in them.

And as you do, they come to you – willingly, freely, lovingly offering themselves to you, wishing only to align themselves with the beautiful Spirit that has called them.

For that is what Love does, in every instant.

And so it is."
I can’t tell you how much these words impacted me, and how their energies have stayed with me.

I hope they serve you in your journey <3

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