Wednesday, March 8, 2017

International Women's Day - Reflections on Feminine and Masculine

Duality, by intuitive artist Alberto Agraso (
I have always a hard time with this day because I feel the pressure to honour and celebrate only women.

I understand the history and significance of this day, and in no way wish to diminish its importance or the courage and merit of the women who fought for civil rights and who change the world in magnificent ways every day. And, of course, there is still work to do to bring about full equality on all levels.

Today, however, I wish to reflect on the path we are walking together as men and women.

Compassion, nurturing, love, inclusion…why are these the exclusive terrain of women?

Power, dominance, assertiveness, independence… why are these the exclusive terrain of men?

I know women who would be considered “masculine”. Should I celebrate them exclusively because they are women?

I know men who embody the “feminine”. Should I exclude them, just because they are men?

I believe it’s abuse of power that we need to reflect on, independent of gender or sexual orientation.

As a woman, I have suffered abuse of power at the hands of other women, and I have seen them exercise that power over men. I understand that we live in a patriarchal society, and we have seen their abuses; but I have also seen men be the shining lights of love and compassion.

And that abuse and discrimination can be seen not only between men and women, but between races, religions, sexual orientation, economic status, social status, and so many more examples.

We all carry the principles we call feminine inside of us, along with the masculine. The harmonizing and marriage of those energies, to me, is the journey. It is from that marriage – that sacred union – that true power arises and the magnificence of creation is unleashed.

So this is my celebration today: the awakening of the feminine in all, and the continuing journey of men and women to bring into harmony the masculine and feminine energies within them, and to use them in service for the highest good of all.

This painting by @AlbertoAgraso is called "Duality" and I believe speaks beautifully to this message.

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