Monday, January 4, 2016

Reflecting on lessons learned in 2015

Before I step wholeheartedly into 2016, I’d like to take a few moments to reflect on this past year, its many teachings and, most importantly, the person who was emerging as a result of it all.

Whether by chance or design, my decision to volunteer at Rogers TV led to my now being host and producer of Ottawa Experts, a move I never would have foreseen, but one whose wisdom I better understand, as I see myself facing fears I thought I had overcome and discovering talents that I never believed existed.

Expression in all its forms, and standing confidently in that expression, has been a theme in my life journey, and I marvel at how each new experience pushes me to grow beyond my concepts of what I believe Authentic Expression means.

That desire for Authentic Expression is what drove me to add my words to Alberto’s Soul Portraits, and thus create a colouring book that not only inspires but heals. I believe words have power and, whether we call them channeled or inspired, what matters most to me is honouring the energies that are at play and giving them form. The colouring book gave me that opportunity.

This was also the year that I attended business and networking meetings for the first time since my corporate days. To my surprise, I found myself slipping into behaviours that I thought were long ago gone...what Alberto affectionately terms “Marketing Mony" :-).

Those experiences were invaluable because they showed me that, as difficult as it may be, there are times when I must walk away from those I consider influential or who can help advance my career, because WHO I AM is more important than any end result. I see clearly that the most important relationship I can have is with the self first, and as I build an ever-more assured self, individuals and community will naturally gravitate towards it. Community is not about who’s physically nearest you, but the ones who celebrate your successes and failures.

I was reminded that, on the other side of my greatest fear stands my greatest treasure. And although I occasionally worry about finances (I will write about important lessons learned about that shortly), it is only when I remember the true journey I am on that I am able to move forward with ease and certainty. When I remember that my job is to “drive the bus” - to focus on the highest good I can create - and that the job of the invisible forces around me is to take care of the details, then every aspect of my life flows smoothly.

There were many moments of pure grace where there was nothing but love flowing. The setting didn’t matter: all that mattered was the moment, the person standing before me, and the absolute knowing that there was nothing else to do except stand in that love and allow it to flow. The only task was simply to BE. And the knowing that this is the greatest purpose for which we are created, no matter our "work".

I don’t know what 2016 holds for me, but I do know that I am moving in a direction of ever greater authenticity and ever greater confidence in expression. Those are my anchors, and my metrics for success.

I carry with me important elements of a self in continual transformation, one that asks, in every moment, who am I BEING, and not simply what am I DOING. And, WHY am I doing something? Is it driven by fear, or growth?

I know for sure that I am not alone on this journey, and that my greatest task is to remain connected to Source; to remember that my highest purpose is to use my unique gifts to bring forth love, wisdom, light… that’s my real job. Doing that will, in consequence, bring me the opportunities that will dictate my next steps.

My greatest challenge is to hold on to that knowing, to allow the Universe to look after the details, and to act when the moment arrives, even when I don’t see exactly where the path is leading me.

It means being a pilgrim on this camino called life.

There is no other journey I can imagine taking, no other goal I can envision for myself.

May every step you take in your journey this year be blessed.

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