Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Golden Key

These last few days, as news around what might happen in Syria occupies the airwaves, I began to reflect on my experience with the Ottawa Peace Camp, and to appreciate more deeply how the relationship between Israeli and Palestinian youth was evolving. As these kids struggled to create connections, to re-write the story that each had been taught about the other - the ones that made one the victim and the other the aggressor - to me, they entered hallowed space. They entered the space of all possibility. Even from the brief time I was there, I could see their hesitation in this unknown land, and at the same time, their exuberance in what was possible, in what they were creating, in the story they were writing of what their world could look like, and who they were inside of it.

It feels very much that this is where we’re all at, individually and as nations. Although it may be argued that institutions take longer to change than individuals, all institutions are made up of individuals. And individuals – whether in a corporation or institution – challenging the stories they have been taught, or convinced themselves of, cause the first domino to fall.

Those of you who have read my writings, know that I work the inner planes first before I express in the outer. I am doing no less here, and invite all who read this to look within first to heal those elements (…those adjectives that you are using about this situation) within yourself, to create that harmony and peace within first. And then from that place, to express your deepest callings.
I recalled a story I had read several years ago in Spanish about Conny Mendez, one of the great leaders of the Metaphysics movement, and her experience with a technique called "The Golden Key". She speaks of how she applied it while fleeing New York during WWII. Of the nine boats that left New York, hers was the only was to survive the German bombings. I’ve translated it from the Spanish original and share it with you HERE.   
She was referring to a teaching by Emmet Fox, a great spiritual teacher of the 1930s who wrote about the “Golden Key” to transforming any situation or experience in life. In its simplest terms, it is: “Stop thinking about the problem and think about God instead.”
There are many sources for this technique, but try this LINK. The Golden Key is only a few screens down. 
Fox believed that the only real truth is that God IS; and wherever God is, by default, there can be no fear, no conflict, no lack, no problems. And that our job is to affirm this, to believe this, if only for a moment. And when we are able to do this, and hold on to it, all things good will naturally unfold.
It sounded almost trite, condescending even, to tell someone who is afraid that all they need to do is stop thinking about the fear and start thinking about God. So, I decided to put it to the test these past days. And although Fox uses the word "God", to me, it is equally valid to use Allah, Jesus, the Creator, the Universe, Divinity, Love, Light… whatever word evokes the greatest feeling and connection. These are the words he shared: 
“God is the only Presence and the only Power. God is fully present here with me, now. God is the only real Presence - all the rest is but shadow. God is perfect Good, and God is the cause only of perfect Good. God never sends sickness, trouble, accident, temptation, nor death itself; nor does He authorize these things. We bring them upon ourselves by our own wrong thinking. God, Good, can cause only good. The same fountain cannot send forth both sweet and bitter water.
I am Divine Spirit. I am the child of God. In God I live and move and have my being; so I have not fear. I am surrounded by the Peace of God and all is well. I am not afraid of people; I am not afraid of things; I am not afraid of circumstances; I am not afraid of myself; for God is with me. The Peace of God fills my soul, and I have no fear. I dwell in the Presence of God, and no fear can touch me. I am not afraid of the past; I am not afraid of the present; I am not afraid for the future; for God is with me. The Eternal God is my dwelling place and underneath are the ever-lasting arms. Nothing can ever touch me but the direct action of God Himself, and God is Love.
God is Life; I understand that and I express it. God is Truth; I understand that and I express it. God is Divine Love; I understand that and I express it.
I send out thoughts of love and peace and healing to the whole universe: to all trees and plants and growing things, to all beasts and birds and fishes, and to every man, woman and child on earth, without any distinction. If anyone has ever injured me or done me any kind of harm, I fully and freely forgive him now, and the thing is done forever. I loose him and let him go. I am free and he is free. It there is any burden of resentment in me I cast it upon the Christ within, and I go free.
God is Infinite Wisdom, and that Wisdom is mine. That Wisdom leads and guides me; so I shall not make mistakes. Christ in me is a lamp unto my feet. God is Infinite Life, and that Life is my supply; so I shall want for nothing. God created me and He sustains me. Divine Love has foreseen everything, and provided for everything. One Mind, One Power, One Principle. One God, One Law, One Element. Closer is He than breathing, nearer than hands and feet.
I am Divine Sprit, the Child of God, and in the presence of God I dwell forever. I thank God for Perfect Harmony.”
I could feel the energy of those words vibrating within me, and whenever I have found myself in feelings of worry, helplessness, indignation or <fill in the blank>, which all feed the fear and give it authority and validity, I have actively, and sometimes with effort, used the Golden Key. I even added my own phrases:
God IS. The Creator is not only WITH me, but also IN me and IN this entire situation. Light is in each leader. Divinity is the peacemaker in this. God is the peace. Love is the great healer. Allah is in the words spoken and unspoken. Jesus is in the minds and thoughts. God is our safety. God is the shelter. God is the only Presence and the only Power.”
With my fears aside, and those words filling my every thought, I felt more empowered, more hopeful about the possibility of a new, possibly unexpected, solution emerging. I felt that I was dwelling in the state of possibility, even when not knowing what the "solution" might be. I now try to hold on to that state. I don’t look at the news or read anything about the situation. I simply apply the Golden Key, and focus my attention on the Divine that IS and that IS THERE.
With love and gratitude,


  1. Mony, Thank you for the beautiful words you have shared. As I continue to "feel & see" the Golden Key with my heart and soul, my fears were laid to rest. I was given a beautiful gift of comfort and peace; the Golden Key to my soul. Namaste & Blessings.

    1. I am so glad that these words have resonated with you, Anonymous. Much love and light <3.

    2. Con Mucho amor y bendiciones. Machi Silvia

  2. Gracias Machi Silvia. Un abrazo muy fuerte <3