Sunday, April 21, 2013

When Terror Strikes

Source: Les ateliers Anisa

These last few days, I have kept the television off. I was aware of what was happening in Boston, but didn't want to get dragged into the high emotion and drama of it all. It's not easy to do; but events such as this really make me reflect. Those of you who have followed my blog and writings know that I believe my outer world reveals shades of what is happening in my inner world; that my inner world is continually speaking to me through outer experiences and events. And so, when I could finally quiet my thoughts and emotions, I journeyed to that inner place and, in the stillness, sought clarity and meaning.

What immediately strikes me is the symbolism of it all: it takes place at a Finish line when, after all the effort and work and struggle, runners arrive to claim their personal prize, joyous in the knowing that they made it and that, through sheer will and effort, they have come across this line… only to have it all taken away from them. It also takes place on Patriot Day, a day commemorating the first battles that began the American Revolution.

My question to myself is then: what is going on within me that has manifested as this event? And no, it’s not that I should give up because all effort will end tragically!

I do believe that there is a revolution going on; but it is in the heart of each and every one of us. It is the struggle between what the heart desires and wishes to express openly and freely… and what fear tells us we must not dare do. We strive, we risk, we pursue our highest calling, we engage the forces of creation and the heavens to help us in our quest… we feel alive and alight in the work we do to raise ourselves and those around us. And then something happens – something completely unexpected – to make us doubt our choices, to bring us back into the folds of fear, of smallness.

It is this inner struggle of so many people which is playing out in the world today. Trust, love, understand the “other”, reach for a higher understanding… OR be in fear, anger, judgment, separation, condemnation. Those forces are continually at play within each and every one of us, with every thought and every choice that we make.

And these forces, when enough people are feeling them, eventually manifest in our physical world; but they do so that they may show you their face, so that we may see in physical reality what this struggle looks like in our invisible inner world.

Some may call that force evil, but I don’t believe it is evil which is testing us. It is Love which is challenging us to choose Love anyways… to choose from that higher place within ourselves, despite the temptation towards hatred and anger and retaliation.

Who has not struggled to lift themselves from where they are? Who has not, through their own efforts and persistence achieved a goal and gotten to the finish line? Who has not seen their dreams and accomplishments thwarted, diminished, ignored… when they should have been celebrated? How many have dared to continue on with their dreams, believing in a higher purpose to their life, even when forces around them have tried to pull them back?

Again, I don’t believe these energies are evil. It is not evil that is testing you to see if you stand firm in your dream, in your calling, in your light. It is LOVE which is testing you, LOVE which is inviting you to CHOOSE IT ANYWAYS, despite the anger, the cynicism, the fury, the desire to fall back into fear and remain small… Love is asking you to stay in that place that lifts you, and in staying there (despite evidence that pulls at you to give up and go back to anger, indignation, retaliation), you heal and uplift not only yourself but the world around you. 

Those who take on the role of perpetrating these acts, of dying in these acts, are great souls. They are part of your story, and your journey. They offer themselves, taking on your hatred, your venom so that you may CHOOSE LOVE ANWWAYS and, in so doing, unleash a great energy that heals them and yourself. In choosing Love over hatred (as many great Masters have done), all energies are healed and elevated to the light that they are.

Martin Luther King Jr. said:

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

May love now and forevermore guide our steps.




  1. siempre son devastadoras noticias como la que hemos visto en Boston, pero tienes mucha razón en tu análisis, de una manera más generalizada y emocional. es de agradecer mony. siempre ofreces un punto de vista menos visceral. y para que no nos lleven esos mismos demonios, gracias por mostrar el otro camino tan claramente. se ve que eres experta en "los caminos". te quiero.

  2. Melele! No sabía siquiera que podías entender también el inglés. Que arte! Te quiero mucho. Gracias de corazón. Nos vemos pronto.