Friday, May 25, 2012

Mystical Christianity and Consciousness

At the end of our pilgrimage to Jerusalem in 2002, one of the remarkable new roads that opened before me was the one to explore the teachings of a Master called White Eagle.

White Eagle describes himself as a spokesperson for a wiser Brotherhood in spirit, who help humanity to understand their true spiritual nature, and to grow in wise love for all life. He communicated through a medium by the name of Grace Cooke.

White Eagle uses as the foundation of his teachings the Gospel of St. John, revealing how to unfold the spiritual light, or inner Christ, that exists within each of us, so that we may uplift and heal our world with it. He speaks of Jesus as a brother and great master who had come to the world to awaken the mastery within each one of us, and to be the living example of all that he taught. He uses the word "Christ" not as a term referring exclusively to Christians, but in its ancient and mystical sense, as the divine essence of the Light - as God.

Although I had read many spiritual texts, the books of White Eagle went straight to my heart. I often found myself weeping at the inexplicable beauty of the words and the love that permeated them. The teachings focus primarily on the heart, choosing its unfoldment as the means to self-mastery and illumination. That is not to say the mind is excluded, but the mind becomes the servant of the wisdom that is revealed in the heart, not its master.

What I love about the teaching is that it doesn't encourage followers. It encourages you to seek the Master within, to awaken the Christ within. It encourages you to heal your fears and walk in courage. It is a path of Love, acknowledging that Love is the power and wisdom behind all that exists. Jesus is not seen as the only son of God, but rather the ultimate teacher of how to walk this path and unfold the Christ light within our own hearts. If you would like to learn more about White Eagle, then visit the Lodge's site here.

This has not been an easy path to walk, much less talk about. Walking with an open heart exposes it to being trampled. Not rushing to judgment of things I dislike, whether within me or in the world around me, means having to withstand criticism and ridicule. Being in a place of surrender and trust means having to keep my fears at bay...because it only takes one seed of fear to undo all the beauty and grace that surrendering and trust has brought on.

I have felt an expansion in my heart that is difficult to describe. It's as if Love is taking firmer root; or that the inner Master is reclaiming its throne from fear. And this Love desires to express itself - I don't know how yet, but there is a sensation of wanting to pour forth from the heart. I have found a calm and a peace that is becoming less transitory, and more established. That is not to say that I have mastered it in any way: having a strong-willed eight-year-old in the house is my daily practice!

And the people who are entering my life now seem to resonate with this energy of Love. They speak in words that carry energies that immediately establish our kinship. It goes beyond religion. Pilgrims for peace and love such as The Peace Artist, Mia McNamara, Scaught Iam, Silvia Bollinger (and the many more I have yet to meet!) make me believe that this awakening of the inner Christ is well underway, and that we are indeed changing the world - by changing ourselves.

Still on the inner journey,

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