Monday, December 12, 2011

Our first Podcast in ENGLISH!

We are so happy to present to you our first (of what we hope are many more!) interview in English. It’s only about 20 minutes long, so we invite you to sit back with a cup of tea, coffee, or glass of wine, and join us HERE. Our thanks to Juan Jose Candon for this interview, and for preparing a beautiful page (below) for us on his website. Thank you Juan Jose!

Podcast #1: Walking for Peace. An Inner Journey

Mony Dojeiji and Alberto Agraso

It’s not your perfection that makes you an angel, Mony, it’s your intention.
Walking for Peace.

Mony Dojeiji and Alberto Agraso are two spiritual seekers who met each other in 2001 while walking along The Path of St. James. To fulfill her destiny, she left behind a successful, though unfulfilling, career at Microsoft Corporation. Similarly, Alberto quit his job at an important insurance company to satisfy his wildest dream: becoming an artist.

A few months after their first encounter, they met again in Germany where he decided to join her new adventure: walking for Peace from Rome to Jerusalem. The book is the faithful account of that journey.

Written in first person, Mony also assumes the role of the narrator. The quest for peace is obviously the main topic: the message they aimed to convey. As the authors put it: “ 'I’m not talking about Mony and Alberto’s message. We’re more like the delivery guys. The message comes from the Universe. The only thing that makes us special is our willingness to do this work.' ”

Their firm determination to bring their purport to fruition was always an allied:“ 'Never underestimate the power of this path you have chosen,' a voice resounded in my mind”. Eventually, after 13 months on the road “The treasure that we had walked all the way to Jerusalem to find was always with us, but we needed to walk all the way to Jerusalem to discover that.”

Looking for peace? 

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