Monday, August 22, 2011

Small Acts, Big Changes

I've been in a great mood lately.  I can't point to any one thing really, just a general feeling of happiness and connection.  And it's not as if I've been sitting around doing nothing.  With our recent decision to self-publish the story of our Walk for Peace to coincide with its ten-year anniversary, I find myself in full "project management" mode, trying to find the best print-on-demand option, updating our website and just generally getting ready, after all these years, to finally share with the world what was an influential moment in our lives.
I felt present and appreciative of all things that surrounded me, including some that would normally bring me down such as watching the evening news or hearing endless complaining – they too seemed to have their place in the grand Universal order of things.  Perhaps it was because I was in that state that when I passed a young man one afternoon asking for money, I stopped.  I usually don't.  I reached into my wallet and pulled out a two-dollar coin, not stopping to question whether I was doing the right thing, or if I was truly helping him by giving him money.  I simply placed the coin in his hands, looked him in the eyes, and smiled at him, wishing him well.  And I meant it.  I wished him well on his path, in the highest sense possible, as one more fellow human being on his journey.
That simple small act of giving without judgment made my day, and I decided that I would do something similar the following day.  At the grocery store, when I finished with the basket, I left the quarter inside just to surprise the person who found it.  It was such a small thing, but just imagining the person's face finding that quarter made me grin for the rest of the day. 
Yesterday, I found myself in a traffic jam because of an accident that had just occurred up ahead.  I used that time to send healing energy to the people injured, to call on their angels to help them, and to surround those helping them (the ambulance drivers, the firefighters, the policemen) with a protective white light.  Again, it just made me feel that I was doing my small part to help them in their path, irrespective of the outcome.
I believe in the power of small acts - a kind word, a genuine smile, an act of forgiveness, a positive thought (or even better, a non-judgmental one, which is often more difficult).  Any thought, word or deed that comes from the heart as an expression of who you are and without attachment to, or need for evidence of, the final outcome.  
And so now, I find myself thinking of small things I can do, not merely because of how they may help another, but for the more selfish act of how it makes me feel.  And the better I feel, the more inspired I feel to do more in a magnificent, ever-expanding vicious circle of unconditional giving and receiving. 
For that is how I believe we change the world. 
In that sense, I can say I am changing the world. 
What a powerful affirmation that is.  What a mantra.   
And so now, you?  How are you feeling?  Are you aware of how powerfully that is changing your world?

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