Friday, September 8, 2017

Small Circle, Big Circle

While in Spain, Alberto (my husband) surprised me with this beautiful necklace for my birthday. I loved it, and was immediately drawn to those circles.

Curiously, our daughter Sylvana had bought a necklace for herself a few days earlier with the exact same design, which Alberto had not seen.

My spider sense was tingling! :-D…Feeling that, hidden somewhere in those symbols, was a message for my continuing soul journey.

A few days ago, Alberto and I were having another philosophical conversation about yet another aspect of the spiritual quest. I will confess (and my apologies to my Law of Attraction friends) that I’ve always had a resistance to anything that requires visualizing, repeating affirmations, or anything that keeps the energy in the head rather than in the heart (which I believe to be the centre of all creation and what needs to unfold first, before meaningful creation-manifestation can happen).

In a moment, I finally understood what those circles were telling me.

Of course it’s wonderful – and good – that we visualize the life that we want, or the things we wish to have. This gift of creation is a powerful one, given by a loving Creator/God. To deny it is to deny our very existence as children of that loving Creator. 

But this power (small circle) exists inside a bigger context, and a bigger journey.

The bigger context is that you and I are grand souls, eternal beings of light who have come to this Earth at this moment in time to explore, to play and to use the tools of creation not merely to satisfy our material desires (again, nothing wrong with that!), but to bring our soul’s unique experiences and interpretations of the Divine (which I define as Love) into this life. That’s the big circle.

We, as grand souls on a journey of exploration, come here to add our energies of love to the love that already exists. Our unique light adds to the expanding light. Our highest conceptions (our biggest dreams, impossible ideas, crazy innovations, etc.) add to the highest consciousness. THAT’S our soul’s true journey. 

The Universe evolves because of our soul’s contributions. It doesn’t need us. No one needs us. No one needs to be saved by us. But I do believe our lives matter. They are sacred, the vessels through which Love plays. And I do believe that Love is the true nature of each and every one of us, no matter that some may have forgotten it. And our Light matters, for it is our gift back to our Creator. 

When I decided to walk the Way of the Soul to Jerusalem, my mind believed that it was walking for peace in Jerusalem and beyond; and on one level, it was.

But now, I understand that it was my soul that led me there, tracing a path it had marked long ago, drawing unto itself the experiences it knew it would need to awaken, so that it may bring its wisdom to the world.

Small circle.

Big circle.

And as we grow on our journey, our small circle expands to become that big circle, itself the small circle inside an even larger circle, rippling ever outwards towards infinity.

Towards Oneness.

And so it is.

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