Sunday, July 17, 2016

"What is going wrong in the world?" my friend asked

There are so many ways to answer this, and on so many levels, but fundamentally, to me, it’s this…

The world is going through a magnificent transition, so many people are waking up to the lives they wish to live and how they choose to BE in this world. And with every change, personal or collective, the hidden needs to come out. Our hidden biases, prejudices, judgments… all of it. And it’s now staring us in the face.

And we stand at a crossroads, trying to choose how to BE and ACT in light of all that we see.

I can tell you for sure that the more that we label and judge individuals as “terrorists”, “radicals”, “fanatics”… the more we keep them in our collective consciousness. The more attention we pay to those artificial labels, the more of them we see. The more that we believe that “these people” are incapable of change or transformation, the more we keep them where they are, and we look for any action to support what we believe.

We do this individually, and we do it collectively.

But we can change those labels, because what’s a label? Nothing more than an idea, a thought… And an idea can always change.

So, consider that “terrorist”… what if I choose to see him as nothing more than a fellow human being, a brother, who has chosen terribly, whose life journey has led him to such desperation and hopelessness that the only solution he saw was this terrible act?

Would that influence what I say and how I act? I believe it would…

And what if I believe that there is nothing random in this Universe? What if I believe this person is a spiritual being having a physical experience, as I am, as you are, as I believe we all are? How do I know how his actions affect his soul journey, the highest within him? Who am I to judge that? How do I know the sacred agreements involved with others? How do I know what their soul journeys are all about? What they have agreed to do? I have no idea… but again, this is all based on my belief that that nothing is random in this Universe.

I’ll go even further and say there is only Love in this Universe.

If I didn’t believe this, I couldn’t possibly make sense of this world… but that’s my paradigm.

My first act is to stop the judging and the labeling. I work on changing the narrative in my mind about who this “other” is. I envision the light and awakening arising in him, in the same way that it is in me. I see him changing in every moment, in every moment becoming more and more filled with wisdom, with light…and acting in consequence.

I see that for every person. And I stubbornly hold on to that, no matter what others choose to say or do. That is my work, what I do on the inner planes.

There’s also a lot RIGHT with this world. There are so many people working from a consciousness of love, bringing that into the world, building the world we want to live in. It is happening now, and it is gaining momentum. That’s why the hidden needs to come out. So that we can see it, and heal it, collectively and individually. We’re ready for it.

That’s how I see it anyways… and believe me, this is the summarized version! lol

Hugs, my friend. Just keep on keeping on!

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