Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Flying with the Eagles

The other day, I was watching a spectacular video of a paraglider and his unexpected, mid-flight encounter with a pair of eagles. One of those eagles actually got tangled in his cables. You can click here to see it.
As some of you may know, the eagle is my totem (or power animal).  And so, as I sat there absorbed in this video, Sylvana began to call out to me–insistently–wanting to show me how well she was typing on the computer. Eventually, I made my way over and watched her play with this program.  At the end of her session, a cartoon chicken popped up and said: “You’re a high flyer!”
            Those are the moments in which I usually pause, because these two events (watching the eagle video and then hearing that comment) coming in such a synchronistic manner, to me, signal a message from the Universe, or my own higher self; something that I need to pay attention to.
            And so, later that evening, I meditated on what that message could be. With my mind finally still, I began to write these words as they came to me:
            Eagle represents freedom, soaring above all to glimpse a different reality, to see events from an elevated perspective. The glider was trying to get as humanly possible to a higher perspective, to do what an eagle naturally does. Without warning, their paths crossed and they became caught in each other’s lines.  
            Don’t allow yourself to be trapped in the flights of others. You will only get entangled in each other’s paths. Stay on your flight path, and leave others to theirs...Listen, respect, but keep your flight pattern, your thoughts, elevated above the fray, above the mental, and into the spiritual. It is here where your knowing resides, where all is answered. Turn always there.
            I think this message specifically came to me because I have been reading the blogs and articles of individuals for whom I have a great deal of respect, and by whose words and ideas it is easy to be swayed. I’m coming to appreciate that ideas are just that: ideas—and there is an endless supply of them. And that’s good, because they reflect the sum experiences of the one having them. I can learn from their experiences, but that doesn’t necessarily make them my truth.  That could only come from my playing with the idea, living it, testing it and seeing what truth emerges FOR ME from that experience.

            The mind is a wonderful instrument, but it is not at the helm of one’s life.  It is at the service of the greatest Master:  the heart, the place where one’s highest knowing resides, and from which the mind is directed to bring forth the experiences that will form one’s truth. 

And it is to this place of knowing that I choose to fly to over and again.

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