Sunday, February 12, 2012

Law of Attraction and Heart Consciousness

The mind is a powerful magnet. We can use it to attract whatever we want if we align our feelings with whatever we want, vibrate with the energy of having it already in our possession, giving thanks in advance. These are all wonderful techniques, but often I wonder:  is that the highest purpose for which this gift was granted?

I can’t help but feel that sometimes no matter how we visualize and try to feel positive, we can’t raise our vibration enough because our desire is coming solely from the mind. And the mind is not what emits the highest frequency.  It is the heart.  When we ask for money, relationships, happiness, the asking comes because we feel we lack those things. And until we can heal that feeling of lack, we can’t be in that place of love. We can’t be in the heart, truly feeling gratitude for all that we have. We cannot raise our vibration. I believe the healing work is what needs to happen first. And when that happens, then Law of Attraction becomes a game and we as children playing with it.
I believe the highest purpose for this Law (which I consider to be only one of many more laws which exist in the Universe, with LOVE being the root of them all), is to use this gift to ask from the heart. To be in a place of service to the world. To use Attraction and raised vibrations to bring healing to ourselves; and as we heal ourselves, we are able to magnetize and create ever grander visions of the world in which we choose to live. In a sense, we are healing the world. We are raising our consciousness, and that of the world.
Do you want the Law of Attraction to work in your life? Look in your heart first. See what is limiting you. Heal those aspects (fears, worries, judgments, beliefs, limitations, etc.). Accept them as part of you who you are. Forgive yourself for attracting them in the first place, for having them within you. Forgive yourself for not having known any other way to respond, or think, or feel in those situations that created and contributed to those fears. Love those fears, prejudices, limitations. Love yourself exactly the way you are.

Because Divinity already sees you that way, as a beloved creation. And through the eyes of Divinity, you already have all that you seek. You are Divine.

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